5 Types of of Snack Size Content for Social Media Read

I have been saying this for a long time and I found this great article about content marketing  By Jeff Bullas that talks about why we need a bunch of small “snack size” content to fuel the attention spans of our audience. This is very important when considering a social media or marketing automation campaign. 

Original article:

5 Types of of Snack Size Content for Social Media Marketing Worth Considering

Our attention spans seem to be following the development path of micro-processors. Smaller and faster. 

The art of the long conversation, the slow contemplation of the future of the planet over a meal and prolonged human concentration have maybe become so endangered that we don’t value depth of thought and long form communication anymore.
Dinner parties could soon become 15 minute events.
When YouTube started to become popular the videos were often 2-3 minutes. We were happy to stop and watch for a few minutes.
Now we are demanding videos that take short to a new level of shortness.
You can even see the trend with the Old Spice campaign. The original videos were up to 30 seconds long but as subsequent campaigns rolled out the video were often as short as 15 seconds

Is content becoming too short and superficial?

Read more at http://www.jeffbullas.com/2013/01/14/5-types-of-of-snack-size-content-for-social-media-marketing-worth-considering/#syO8CcAPWubo7CHe.99 


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